Air strike on Pakistan by India

On 26th February 2019, Indian Air force have done Air strikes on Pakistan at 3:45AM. Even Pakistan have accepted that India have done Air strike on Pakistan. This was second strike on pakistan by India after surgical strike.

12 Dassault Mirage 2000 were sent by Indian airforce to destroy 12 terrorist camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba. These jet fighter have top speed of 2336km/hr which is very fast and have 100% accuracy. This air strike was reply by India to Pakistan after the terrorist attack done by jash-e-mohammad in Pulwama. 1000kg bombs were dropped by India in 21 minutes on the 12 jash e Mohammad camps and one headquarter which is in Pakistan occupied kashmir. According to the sources around 200-300 terrorist were killed in these strikes, so huge damage was done by Indian Air force. This can more as 1000kg bomb was dropped on balkot, Muzzafarabad, chakaoti in Pakistan occupied kashmir, which is 35km form kashmir. This is a proud moment for Indian army and Indian goverment, as there was huge pressure by citizens of India on govt after the Pulwama attack which happen on 14th February. And after that Indian prime have given freedom to the army to take the revenge at any cost. No damage happen to Indian jets. So it was a successful strike done by India with zero casualty.

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Cheapest diet for muscle building without supplements

Now a days, most of the person specially the youngsters are very interested in going to gym and building muscles. But many persons specially those who are students or not earning money yet, can’t afford expensive diet for building body. But dont worry i will give you the cheapest diet plan for muscle building. So read the article to the end, I will cover all the meals from breakfast to dinner.

1. Prework out drink

You have to take this drink 20 minutes before going to workout Preworkout drink will not give you energy, but I will help you to focus on your exercise and will increase your concentration. In prework out drink you will take one cup of coffie without milk. For measurement you can use one packet of coffie, which will cost you Rs per packet.

2. Post workout drink

Source:- chefsavvy. Com

For post workout drink you have to take high protien and carbs. This is the best time to have high protien because you body absorb protien fast after workout. In post workout drink you need to have 250ml milk which will give you 8 grams of protien. 80 grams oats which will give you 10 grams of protien and 1tbsp of peanut butter which will give you 9-10 grams of protien. And 2 bananas which is the best source of carb.

3. Breakfast

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In breakfast you can take 2 slices of brown bread with peanut butter or you can take 2-3 chapatis with the vegetable that your mom have made for you. 3 chappatis will give you 10 grams of protien for more protien you can add curd to your breakfast. 1 cup curd will give you 10 grams of protien.

4. Diet before lunch

In this diet you can add vegetables, or fruit salad. But if for more protien you can add sprouts salad. In sprout salad you can add lentils like mung bean(moong dal) and black chickpea( black Chana). 100 grms of mung bean will give you 23 grms of protien and is very cheap in price.


Source:-trivalleypsychotherapy. Com

In lunch you can have rice with any vegetable or lentils that your mom have made. I will suggest you to have brown rice in lunch, but if you are consuming white rice no worry.

6. Snacks

In evening you can have chillas which can be made from besan(gram flour) along with 100 grams of paneer. 100 grams of gram flour gives you 22 grms of protien, and 100 grams of paneer will give you 18 grams of protien. If you don’t know how to make chilla you can watch it from youtube.

7. Before lunch

Before lunch you will 6-7 boiled eggs. I will suggest you to take egg whites so that your stomach will not feel heavy. You can eat 2-3 whole eggs. Whole eggs will give you 6 grms of protien and egg whites will give you 5 grams of protien.

8 Lunch

In lunch you can eat whatever your mom have made for you. If you want you can add panner in your diet for more protien. In night you can have 2-3 chappatis along with vegetable.

9. After lunch

Before going to sleep you can have handful of peanuts or you can roast soyabean. You can take 50 grams of soyabean on daily basis and this will not effect your body. 50 grams of soyabean will give you 25 grams of protien.

So you can follow this diet. You will surely get results in one month if you follow this diet. As you can see the I have not used any supplements and protien in this diet will be around 140-150grams.

If you want to add more thing to your diet with less cost you can view this article. Here is the list of 5 cheap protien rich food

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5 cheap protien rich foods

Protien is the essential macronutrient need for human body,specially for those who do regular workout. Protien is the supreme nutrient that human need to make muscles. It is also essential for those who don’t do workout for muscular power. But many people faces difficulty to get proper protien because of lack or knowledge or budget problem. There are many foods that are good source of protien but they are quite expensive. And if you want to make muscles and doing workout regularly, you need huge amount of protien in daily basis. So many peoples specially the youngers who want to make muscles and have very tight budget this article will be very useful to them. In this article I will show you 5 cheap protien rich foods that are easily available.

1. Soy products

The first food in our list is soya products. Soy is the very good source of protien and contain protien in very high quantity. There are many types of soya products are available in the market for eg:- soya chunks, soybean, tofu, soy milk. Soy product are also very cheap in price.


1KG soybean can cost you only Rs45. And 1KG contains about 400gm of protien.

1KG Tofu can cost you Rs 250 and contain 100gm of protien

1Litre soy milk will cost you Rs 120 and and 1 litre soya milk contain 35 gm of protien.

They all are very cheap, but one thing you should remember that soy contain estrogen, which can cause male boobs for men so you should not eat more than 50 gm of soya in daily basis. This is limitation but if you eat less than 50gm, it will not effect you anyway.


The second food or you can say that drink in our list is milk. Form milk we mean milk which we get from animal like cow’s or buffalo’s milk. Milk is also a high source of protien. It contain all essential 9 amino acids which are available in whey protien and nonveg foods. Infact whey protien is made from milk. If you are a vegetarian milk should be in your diet.


1KG cow milk will cost you approx Rs45 and contain 35gm of protien. And 1kg buffalo’s milk will cost you Rs55 approx and will contain 45 gm of protien.

3. Eggs

Eggs are the high source of protien. They contain all 9 essential amino acids. Eggs are primary source of protien for nonvegetarian’s. They are high in protien are not heavy to eat.


A tray of eggs will cost you Rs 120 and contain 30 eggs if you buy it from wholesale. Which mean 4Rs per egg. And one egg contain 5gm of protien which means you will get 150gm of pure protien in 120Rs.

4. Paneer

Paneer is made from animal milk which may be cow’s or buffalo’s. Since it is made from animal’s milk it will contain all 9 essential amino acids and will be high in protien. Paneer is easily available in your nearby markets


1kg paneer will cost you 240Rs and it will give you 180 gm of protien.

5. Lentils

The last food in our list is lentils. Lentils are high source of protien specially for vegetarian. But they donot contain all 9 essential amino acids individually so we have to mix up every lentils to get high quality protien.


Different lentils contain different amount of protien. But on an average 1kg lentils will cost you Rs 100 and will give you 180 gm which of protien which is very high.

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