Enemy and the friendly countries of India

So if India is going through any critical situation, it can be war or any economic crisis. The one thing that comes in everybody’s mind is that which country will help us, and show us their support. And which country will not support us. So here is the list of those country who will definitely support us. And the countries who will take advantage of that. So here is the list of enemies and Friends of india

Friendly countries

1. Russia

India and Russia share a very strong bond together. In 1468Russian traveller Afanasy Nikitin began his journey to India. India and Russia have one stand on terrorism. India and Russia are also economic partners and defence partners. Russia supplied 68 per cent of India’s arms import, as per the survey by Stockholm International. Both countries shared national interest at UN, BRICKS, G20, SCO. Russia and India are also trade partners, in 2017 India Russia trade volume grew by 21% and expected to be $30Billion from each side by 2025. Russia also help India in 1971 war and always prove that he is the strong friend of India.

2. Israel

Israel is one of the closest friend of India. Isreal and India always support each other at international levels. Israel also support India on the issue of terrorism. Bilateral trade between India and Israel grew from $200 million in 1992 to $4.52 billion in 2014. India is Israel’s 3rd largest partner trade partner. Israel Is indias second largest defence partner after Russia. As after the Pulwama attack Israel’s prime minister also said that ” Unconditional aid should be given to india”.

3. Afghanistan

Afghanistan may not be that larger trade or defence partner of India. But India and Afghanistan share a common intrest against terrorism. Both are against Pakistan for terrorism. And both countries are affected by the terrorism from Pakistan.

4. United States of America

United States of America and India might not have that much good relations before 2014. But America was India’s biggiest investor. The stock market of India and United States of America is $4.13billion. And this is the main reason behind the strong bond between India and America. Another factor that makes India America relationship stronger is China. China and America both are competitors to each other. And they both want to destabilise each other economy. And the relationship between India and China is also not very good. As your enemie’s enimie is your friend,so this make America India relationship more stronger.


1. Pakistan

India and Pakistan has very old rivalry since 1947. Both nations have fought three war against each other. Pakistan have lost one part after 1971 war, now known as Bangladesh. And Pakistan also support terrorism against India. Terrosim is the main problem behind both countries bad relation. India always demands in UN that Pakistan should be declare terrorist country. The relation between both countries are very destable. Pakistan have lost all 3 wars that he fought against India. And Pakistan know that he can’t beat India in war. So he support terrorism.

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2. Turkey

Turkey and India do not have good relations because of turkey’s support to Pakistan. Both nation might have bilateral trade of $6.26billion and it favours to India most. But both nations donot have good relationship. Turkey is the friend of Pakistan and Turkey support Pakistan in every situation. And this is the main reason for the bad relation with India. As paksitan support terrorist and promote terrorism against India and Turkey helps terrorist nation.


China is India’s enemy. China has veto power, and India was in favour of that when jhwahar Lal nehru was prime minister. America wants to give that to India but India refuse it. And now China is using that power against India. India always demand in UN that Pakistan should be declare terrorist nation but China always do veto against this proposal. Other 4 member always support India. And this makes China himself is in trouble. And the main reason behind china’s support to Pakistan is CPEC.

Countries might have good, bad or nuetral relations with India, but they can’t deny the fact that India has 1.35 Billion population and every country knows that India is big market for trade and investments. So this was the list of enemies and Friends of India.