As-it-is whey protien review, results(good or bad) ?.

As there are many brands in the market who provide whey protien. But the thing is that, the price of those whey protien is very high . And everybody can’t afford that expensive protien. So many people search for cheap whey protien, but the problem they face is that they don’t know the product is genuine, or that cheap protien will give them good results. As one of the cheap raw whey protien which is very popular in India now a days is As-it-is whey protien. So today we are going to review as-it-is whey protien.


As-it-is is a American brand which is very popular in Indian market. They import their powder from america, and packed in India.


So what do we mean by quality?. Quality means that what you will get in per scoop of As-it-is protien. What is the nutritional value of this protien. It has one scoop of 30 grams, one scoop will give you 24 grams of protien 2.5 grams of carbohydrate and 1.5 grams of fat which is negligible. It contains all 9 essential amino acids. So the bioavalibility of this protien is about 80% which is very good if you compare to other brand who are giving raw whey protien. No artificial sweeteners and preservatives are added in as-it-is whey protien, which is very good and you can use it for long run.


As-it-is whey protien gives raw whey protien, no artificial sweeteners and preservatives are added in this whey protien. So you cannot expect much from this whey protien, so it will be tasteless. It will give you the taste of milk powder without sugar. Taste will be not so good but also not so bad that you can’t drink it. You can easily drink it with water. Or if you want to add some taste


The mixibilty of the product is very good. After shaking twice or thrice the bottle there will be no lumps after that.


As-it-is whey protien is packed in a packet so you can’t expect much from its packing. If you are using a whey protien who is packed in box then definately you will not like it much. But it packing is not so bad as they give tight seal and high quality packet. So packing is also preety good.


As many of you order online, so the question that comes in everybody’s mind is that are they getting genuine product. As there are many cases of duplicity now a days. And there are many sellers available at online who are selling this product, and you can’t make direct contact with them. So you don’t have to worry about this product’s duplicity, as one thing that I like very much about this whey protien is that, they give unique code number to every packet of protien. So that buyer can check is the product genuine or not.

So this was detailed review od as it is whey protien hope you like it if you have any questions regarding it please comment down below.


Cheapest whey protien in the world(under 500)

Now a days many people, specially young people are very interested towards fitness and gymming. They want good athletic body and want to gain muscle. They are ready to hardwork so that they can achieve good muscle. But the main problem arrives when they know that to have a good body they have to take good amount of protien. So many gym trainers recommend whey protien to complete daily protien intake. But it is very difficult to afford whey protien for everyone because of its cost. As 1Kg of whey protien will cost you around 2000-3000. And if you will take 2 scoops daily it will last only 15 days. So its not possible for everyone to afford it. Specially the students who want to achieve their goals but don’t have that much money to spend on expensive whey protien.

So in this article I am going to tell you the cheapest whey protien in the world which is below Rs500 per kg. So that everyone can easily afford it. The cheapest whey protien in the world is skimmed milk powder. This powder is easily available at the online markets. Whey protien is also made from milk and skimmed milk powder is also made from milk. The difference is in the making process.

This is not harmful but if you are doing extreme weight loss you have to take it in limited amount. Another difference between whey protien and skimmed milk powder is that skimmed milk powder contains small amount of carbs but whey protien doesn’t have carbs. Fat is not present in both powders.

Amount of protein

Now talking about the amount of protien 100gm of skimmed milk powder will give you around 36 grams of protien. And you can take 100 grams per day. 1kg skimmed milk powder will cost you around 350 Rs. Which means you will get 360 grams of protien in 350 Rs. Where as 100 grams of whey protein will give you around 82grams of protien and 1kg will cost you around 2000-3000 which means you will get 820 grams of protien in 2000-3000rs. If you will check the ratio of protien per rs. Skimmed milk powder will give you 1 gram of protien per rupee. And whey protien will give you 1gram of protein per 2 or 3 rupee. So that’s why I call it chepeast whey protien on the earth.


Mixibilty of skimmed milk powder is very good. It mixed well even in cold water. Taste of the product is like that you are drinking the milk.

So this was the chepeast whey protien in the world hope this helps you. If you any any questions regarding it please comment down below.


Skimmed milk powder review

If you want to make a good and healthy physique,and want to gain muscles then the most important nutrient you need is protien. Not even bodybuilders, protien is essential for everyone, as it is the most important nutrient for human body. But the fact is also that the protien is the expensive nutrient among all. So it become difficult for gym goers, specially students who are from middle class family to buy whey protien. As average cost of 1kg whey protien is around 2000-3000Rs. So many gym goers question this that can they take skimmed milk powder instead of whey protien? Is it really safe to use? because skimmed milk powder is very cheap. So today I am going to review skimmed milk powder so that you have no doubt in your mind regarding this.

How does skimmed milk powder made?

Skimmed milk powder is made by dehydrating the milk, so that fats in the milk powder should be separated.

Is it safe to use?

Now the question that comes in mind of many people that is it safe to use? So the answer is yes it is safe to use, but if you are going for extreme fat loss, then I will not recommend you this. And the reason is skimmed milk powder contain huge amount of protien as well as carbohydrates. Person doing extreme fat should should cut the carb content in the food. So this will be not so much effective for extreme fat loss. But if your aim is to gain muscle then I am surely going to commend your this.

Is skimmed milk powder is perfect substitute of whey protien?

So the answer is No. Yes you can definately use it to complete your daily protien need, but you can’t substitute it with whey protein. As the reason is the whey protien is fast digesting protien and skimmed milk powder is slow digesting. Mostly whey protien is instantly used after workout for the quick muscle recovery. But you can’t take skimmed milk powder after workout because it is slow digesting and will take time to digest. So quick muscle recovery is not possible.

When to use?

Now the question comes when we will use it?. As we know that it is slow in digestion so we can take it after dinner. It slow digestion property will help your muscle to recover at night, so the best use of skimmed milk powder is before going to sleep.

My review

So I have used this product for a month,and the results were pretty good. It dissolves easily in water. Its taste is like milk powder that we use to eat in childhood but bit salty. You can add 50-100 grams of powder in water which will give you 17-35 grams of protien. When you will add this to water it will look like you are drinking milk. Skimmed milk powder gernally comes in packet which need to place in dry and cold place. After opening it you must put the powder in the tight container. You can take this powder according to your needs.