How to boost testosterone naturally?

Testosterone is the most important harmone for males. It helps in muscle building, fat loosing and very essential sex harmone. Many gym goers take suoplements to add testosterone level to build high quality muscle. But this may harm your body, so I will give you tips that how can u add your testosterone level naturally without any supplement.

1. Workout

Your body produce natural testosterone when you do workout, specially legs workout. When you do your legs exercise your body produce natural testosterone. Which means workout is very essential for increasing testosterone level.

2. Proper sleep

Your body makes maximum testosterone when your sleep. So 7-8 hrs a day sleep is very necessary for increase in testosterone level. Taking less sleep cause anxiety and depression which reduces testosterone level. Your body recover most of your testosterone level when you sleep.

3. Diet

So this is most important thing that you have to do to increase your testosterone naturally. You have to take healthy food and those food who increase your testosterone levels. Add some saturated fats in your diet to increase your testosterone but in limits. You can’t damage your heart for testosterone right!!.

So here are some foods that you can consume to increase your testosterone level.

Cheese:- yes cheese will increase your testosterone level for sure. But if you are suffering for cholesterol problem you have to eat in limits.

Egg yolk:- we know that egg white gives protien and egg yolk gives fat. Which is true but saturated fat is useful for increasing testosterone level. So you might consume 1 or 2 egg yolks in your diet.

Tuna fish:- if you eat non veg then this will be the best source for omega 3 and to boost testosterone level.

Salads:- you have to add some salads like cauliflower, spinach, brocoli in your diet they will help you in increasing your testosterone.

4. Stress

You don’t have to take stress as it decreases your testosterone level. That’s why healthy sleep is essential for increasing testosterone. Don’t care much about things just give your best and respect everyone, this will help you to remain happy.

So that’s all hope you like my article if you have any questions regarding it please comment down below