Avenger endgame full story,climax, review,duration.

The wait for the Avenger’s endgame is over now. Now you catch watch them on your nearest theatres. But if you are reading this I am sure that you will not care much about spoiler, because this is movie review. So i will tell you everything about the movie.

Avengers : end game will run for 3 hrs and 10 minutes. The movie contain lot of suspense and climax in it. The first climax comes in just 10 minutes. Where everyone was expecting a tough fight between avengers and the Thanos and thanos will be killed at the end of the movie. But marvel have overruled everyones mind. Avengers kill Thanos in just first 10 minutes. And what next then? This question was in everybody mind. But when the Avenger’s get to know about that Thanos have destroyed all the stones then the story begins. Avengers started planning how they will get those stones,and then Ant man gives idea of the time machine.

Then Tony start making time machine and he got success in that. Then they divided the teams, and decided to travel to the past to get the infinity stones. And here you need knowledge of pervious marvel movies. Back widow will sacrifice for the soul stone. The first half is stroy building or you can say that planning part, there is not fight in first half. But in second half you will get the feel of the Avenger’s as when the Thanos of past get to know about their plan he attacked on them.

Here you will see intense fight between avengers and Thanos army. This fight completely steals the whole show. And at the end of the fight iron man takes the infinity stones from the thanos and undo all that Thanos have done. But this costs iron man’s life and it is the saddest part of the movie. And captain America also decided to live the life of a common man and he lives his life through the help of time machine and gets older at the end. Captain america gives his shield to falcon, as he will be no longer do fight with them. So at the end we lost our two superheroes captain america and iron man. Now you will say that what thor has done. He steals the comedy part of the movie.

And at the end you will feel sad but marvel has to finish it one day. So you will get full enjoyment watching this movie. This movie will worth your money. Movie contains everything from action scenes to emotional scenes. So i will suggest to you watch the movie as if you have read the full article, you almost know the whole story but there is huge difference between reading and watching. So I will suggest you to watch.

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