Cheapest whey protien in the world(under 500)

Now a days many people, specially young people are very interested towards fitness and gymming. They want good athletic body and want to gain muscle. They are ready to hardwork so that they can achieve good muscle. But the main problem arrives when they know that to have a good body they have to take good amount of protien. So many gym trainers recommend whey protien to complete daily protien intake. But it is very difficult to afford whey protien for everyone because of its cost. As 1Kg of whey protien will cost you around 2000-3000. And if you will take 2 scoops daily it will last only 15 days. So its not possible for everyone to afford it. Specially the students who want to achieve their goals but don’t have that much money to spend on expensive whey protien.

So in this article I am going to tell you the cheapest whey protien in the world which is below Rs500 per kg. So that everyone can easily afford it. The cheapest whey protien in the world is skimmed milk powder. This powder is easily available at the online markets. Whey protien is also made from milk and skimmed milk powder is also made from milk. The difference is in the making process.

This is not harmful but if you are doing extreme weight loss you have to take it in limited amount. Another difference between whey protien and skimmed milk powder is that skimmed milk powder contains small amount of carbs but whey protien doesn’t have carbs. Fat is not present in both powders.

Amount of protein

Now talking about the amount of protien 100gm of skimmed milk powder will give you around 36 grams of protien. And you can take 100 grams per day. 1kg skimmed milk powder will cost you around 350 Rs. Which means you will get 360 grams of protien in 350 Rs. Where as 100 grams of whey protein will give you around 82grams of protien and 1kg will cost you around 2000-3000 which means you will get 820 grams of protien in 2000-3000rs. If you will check the ratio of protien per rs. Skimmed milk powder will give you 1 gram of protien per rupee. And whey protien will give you 1gram of protein per 2 or 3 rupee. So that’s why I call it chepeast whey protien on the earth.


Mixibilty of skimmed milk powder is very good. It mixed well even in cold water. Taste of the product is like that you are drinking the milk.

So this was the chepeast whey protien in the world hope this helps you. If you any any questions regarding it please comment down below.


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