Pakistan vs India cricket team comparision wc 2019

The big match between India and Pakistan is going to held on 16th june 2019. The wait is over as many fans were eagerly waiting for this moment. But the question is,is this match really so big?. A big match in cricket language means the match between two strong teams. So that’s why I am going to compare both the teams. As everyone know that India is one of the strongest team in the world cup. So is pakistan team is that much strong to give tough time to India?. Som let’s compare. This comparison will be divided into 4 parts.

  1. Top order
  2. Finishers
  3. Pacers
  4. Spinners

1.Top order batsmen

Top order batsmen include top 3 batsmen. They should be talentnted enough to set platform for the middle order. So they also need to be experienced, so that they can face the pressure of the world cup and don’t get panic.

1. Pakistan

  • Imamul haq

Imamul haq opens for Pakistan. He is 23 years old.

MatchRunsStrike rateAverage
  • Fakar zaman
MatchesRunsAverage Strike. R

Fakar zaman is the second opener of pakistan and he is 29 yrs old.

  • Babar azam

Babar azam comes at number 3,and this is the most important position. The player at number 3 should ver contactable and experienced to handle any situation.

MatchesRunsStrike rateAverage

2. India

  • Rohit sharma

Rohit Sharma opens for India, and is the best opener in the world right now. He is at no.2 in icc one day ranking. He is 32 years old.

Matches RunsAverage Strike. R
  • KL rahul

Shikhar dhawan is the real second opener for india, but unfortunatelydue to injury he will not be available for few matches. So kl rahul is the substitute for shikhar dhawan. He is also very talented and have performed for India.

  • Virat kohli

Virat kohli is the no. 1 player in the world and best player should come at best position, and that’s why he comes at no.3 position

MatchesRunsAverageStrike rate

2. Finishers

1. Pakistan

Pakistan does not have any specific finisher that have a tag of finisher. But there are some players who can do hitting at the end. The main focus should be on strike rate here.

  • Sarfaraz Ahmed
MatchesRunsStrike. RAverage

Sarfaraz is the captain of Pakistani team. He is 33 years old.

  • Asif ali
MatchesRunsStrike. RAverage

2. India

India has world’s best Finishers right now. They are capable of changing the momentum of any game.

  • Ms Dhoni
MatchesRunsAverageStrike. R
  • Hardik pandya
MatchesRunsAverageStrike. R

3. Pacers

Pacers are the backbone of any team,and it becomes more important when you are playing in England. Pakistan is known for its Pacers. So let’s compare both teams Pacers.


  • Mohammad amir
Matches Wickets EconomyAverage
  • Wahab riaz
Matches WicketEconomyAverage

2. India

  • Bumrah

Bumrah is the world best bowler right now.

  • Bhuvneshawar kumar
MatchesWicket EconomyAverage
1071235. 035.0

4. Spinners

1. Pakistan

  • Shadaab khan
Matches Wickets EconomyAverage
  • Hafeez

2. India

  • Kuldeep yadav
  • Yuzvendra chahal

So by comparing both teams one can easy understand that India is very much stronger than paksitan, India basically dominates in every field.


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